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A safe place for your child to play

Baby room 12-18 months

Pitter Patter Day Nursery and Pre-School in Wallasey has a specially set up room to care for 12-18 month old babies. The room is bright and colourful, providing a safe environment for your child to explore and grow. The room offers a sensorial experience which will help encourage your child's creativity by stimulating all of the senses using treasure blankets, lights, sounds and textures.


Our caring and fully qualified staff will help to establish a routine with a child, tailored to the needs and wishes of their family. This will help to ensure a smooth settling in period and also a good introduction into the nursery environment.


We will provide an extensive range of activities to keep your child entertained whilst in our care, these include painting, messy play, story time, outdoor play and trips to the local park and library.

Helping to look after babies across Wallasey, contact us now on 0151 638 2911


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Nursery practitioner

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