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Nursery news and updates.


Eco schools


2015 saw us register as an eco school and gain both our bronze and silver status. We are currently now in the process of applying for our green flag award. We are very proud of all the changes that we have implemented throughout the different rooms in nursery and the progress we have made. This was recognised as we were shortlisted for the Liverpool echo environment awards. Our setting was one of the top three for the sustainable schools award and it was an honour and privilege to be amongst other schools and organisations who are working tirelessly to implement great changes in our environment. The children thoroughly enjoy our eco school activities and this year our pre-school children have already enjoyed their second visit to Gillmoss discovery centre over in Liverpool. Gillmoss offer a learning platform for young children where they can explore various activities about recycling. They also get to see what happens to all of the objects that we send to be recycled.



Charity fundraiser


The nursery have been fundraising since the beginning of the year for Alder hey Children’s charity and on May 7th we held our charity race night. We are overwhelmed by the success of our fundraising so far and we have raised an amazing £5199.42 for the charity. This is a cause very close to our hearts and is all in memory of Molly Kennedy who attended our nursery and was part of our baby room. Molly sadly passed away in October 2015 due to complications of a genetic heart condition and Alder hey were fantastic in their treatment of Molly and the support they provided for Molly’s family. This is the reason they are the families chosen charity.



Egg hatching experience 2016


We were so excited to be able to take part in Tam O’Shanta farm’s egg hatching experience this May. Our children loved checking on our eggs and then our ducklings every day. They got to see them hatch and watch their first little swim in our paddling pool. When the ducks returned to the farm, the children have been taken on several visits so they can continue to see how they have grown.



Our exciting new workshop


Helping children to use real tools has a number of great benefits. This is one of the reasons we created our nursery workshop for our pre-school children.


•It enables children to purposefully create with natural materials and in this way connect with the natural world.

•It supports the use of a range of tools with growing confidence, experience and safety and helps develop both gross and fine motor skills.

•It develops important and significant language, listening, thinking and communication skills.

•Helps to build up children’s levels of perseverance and self-esteem through a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in their achievement.

•Develops a range of social skills, including developing independence, a sense of pride and responsibility associated with using real tools, turn taking and collaborative work.

•Enables children to engage through the full age range of learning styles, including kinaesthetic, auditory and visual. (In this aspect it is particularly valuable to boys, but also to girls learning)

•It also helps children to be more motivated to engage in learning, whilst it covers all areas of the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) which the children are working towards during their time in nursery.


To help the children, we use planed soft wood with pre-drilled holes so it is easier for children to turn the screws and hammer the nails etc.

This will be done in groups of no more than 3 children at a time, with the nursery owners. Safety as always is our top priority and all the necessary risk assessments and checks have been carried out prior to us starting this.

The children whom we have already started with loved the activity and some were already quite knowledgeable about the different tools and what they can be used for. They loved the fact they had been trusted with real tools and understood the safety rules that we went through before and during the activity


Our brand new soft play area.


As part of our continued development as a nursery, we are proud to present our brand new soft play area specifically designed to cater for all the children in our setting. The soft play was designed and built by the same company that created Bubbles world of play in New Brighton! The wonderful Miss Giggles came and opened our soft play area and the children have all been so excited to jump in and play. Take a look at our video to the right to see for yourself :)


Sports day 


Our pre-school children will be taking part in sports day this year on Friday 14th July 2017 at 2.30pm. The children have all been practicing very hard and are all very excited to participate.


30 hour funding


Pitter Patter is now able to offer 30 hours of funded childcare to eligible families.

Alongside the universal 15 hours that every three and four year old is entitled to, some families will now be eligible for an additional 15 hours the term after their child's third birthday. Families can check their eligibility by visiting Once you recieve your eligibility code, this should be passed into the nursery for us to confirm your validity. It is then up to parents to re-apply before the end of each term to confirm if they are still eligible.

On the childcare choices website, you will also find information regarding 2 year funding and tax free childcare.

Tax free childcare is a scheme where for every £8 parents put in, the government will top this up with an additional £2.


If you have any questions regarding your child starting with us and accessing the funding, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01516382911.


Renewing our first aid.


We always ensure that our staff renew their first aid training before their current certificate expires. 12 of our staff were due to run out in January 2018 so they came and renewed their training on Saturday 11th November 2017. Well done girls! 


Nativity time.


It's that time of year again. Our children have been practicing their parts in our pre-school nativity play and learning all of our Christmas songs. Thank you to all our pre-school parents who are singing these songs at home and practising your child's lines with them as well as the time we spend in nursery. The children are all doing extremely well and we can't wait for you all to come and see them perform.


Fresh off the press!


As off November 2018 we are pleased to announce we will now be sending all parents our monthly newsletter. This is another way to share with you all of the great things that are taking place in nursery over the month. It also lets you know our staff and nursery achievements as well as any useful information that is age appropriate to the children.


You can view our first newsletter here :





Introducing our new summer house (March 2019)


We are pleased to introduce to you all our new summer house play area. We think you will all agree it looks lovely and we can't wait to see our children's faces when they go into play for the first time.


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