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The nursery at Pitter Patter

A great environment for your child to learn and grow

Helping your child to settle in

When starting at Pitter Patters Day Nursery and Pre-School in Wallasey, the staff will work in partnership with parents and guardians to ensure your child settles in to the nursery environment as quickly as possible. On your child's first visit to the nursery, we will ask that you remain in the room with your child for the duration of the session as we find that this helps your child feel more at ease. During this time we will get to know a bit more about your child's likes and dislikes, routines and any special requirements, and we'll ask you to complete a welcome pack for our records.


If your child has any comforters we encourage you to bring them to the nursery to help them to settle in. We also ask that when your child attends a spare set of clothes, nappies and wipes are supplied, along with any bottles and formula/expressed milk. Also we ask for a drinking cup that can be left at nursery and made accessible to your child during their sessions in nursery.


Nursery manager


Deputy manager


Deputy Manager

Protecting the safety of your child

At Pitter Patter Day Nursery and Pre-School we will ask you to provide a list of authorised people that can collect your child. If for any reason the person collecting your child is running late please notify the staff as soon as possible. If you are late collecting your child on more than 3 occasions, late charges will apply. Anyone collecting your child who is not on the authorised list will be required to provide a password, we will also contact you before we can release your child.

Fees and term times

We will inform you of term times and closures at the beginning of the year. The nursery will still charge fees if your child is absent through sickness, occasional days off, all Bank Holidays, Christmas and family holidays. Nursery fees are calculated for the year, and this is split in to a set monthly fee which is payable a month in advance. Any additional session must be paid either on or before the date required.

Funded places available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

Child Care vouchers accepted - for more details, please call us on 638 2911

For more information about our nursery, click here.


If a parent or guardian feels they have a complaint or issue either involving their child or involving our nursery setting, you are first advised to discuss the matter with a member of staff or the nursery manager. If you would like to take your complaint further you will need to contact: The National Business Unit, OFSTED, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD, or telephone 0300 123 1231.


We will resolve any complaints in a timely manner and all complaints are recorded and investigated. Serious complaints will be reported to OFSTED within 28 days.

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Quality assurance

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