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Pre-school uniform policy


We are proud to present our nursery uniform, which not only makes our nursery and pre-school stand out, but it also allows all of our children to be equal.


Our uniform consists of the following: red polo shirts, navy jumpers (or cardigans for the girls), Black skirts or pants for the girls and black/charcoal pants or shorts for the boys.

Navy or red fleeces may be worn and a choice of 3 navy bags. These consist of a P.E bag, book bag or rucksack.

Girls may wear red or white tights or white socks (red trim allowed on white socks if preferred)

For Boys either grey or black socks please.

Flat black shoes are to be worn and a choice of caps, fleece hats and boater hats (coming soon) are available.

We receive a 5% donation from all uniforms purchased and this will be used to purchase additional equipment and resources for the children to enjoy.

Embroidered items can be purchased through:


We are also now linked with the other uniform store, Brimstage courtyard. CH63 6JA. You can also find them on Facebook.


Please ensure your child is in the correct uniform at all times.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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